The Taller I Grow is a puzzle-platformer where you must connect to objects in your environment to become taller and solve puzzles. You play as Bip, a small square that goes on a journey of growth.

With 30 levels to complete and a neat old-school aesthetic, this game will test your patience, reflexes, and puzzle solving skills.

Available for PC/Mac* and Xbox One.

*The PC/Mac version is no longer supported because it’s a pain to get updates out on



Press kit


What started as a game jam game for Extra Credits’ Game Jam #4 ended up becoming a fully-fledged game that I would work on in my spare time between high school in mid to late 2019. It grew larger and larger and eventually, it was released to on January 10, 2020.

Eventually, some interest came about for a console release. Using much of the free time that came with the Covid quarantine, I worked on getting the game to the Xbox One. After a few months of development, the console release was complete and was set for a release date of May 22, 2020.

Promotional art


Programming, art and sound effects:
Dan Donchuk

Mike Eramo

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