The Taller I Grow [Xbox One] Pre-release Patch

Hi all!

Huge thanks to everyone with an early review copy of The Taller I Grow [Xbox One] for bringing some bugs to my attention. I’m always listening to your feedback, and I’ve addressed many of the issues that have been found.

A patch should go up before release, and if it doesn’t go live then, it’ll be a day-one patch.

The patch notes are as follows:

  • Main menu: Spamming A during text appearing will no longer cause text to overlap
  • Main menu: There is now a hint for unlocking the achievement “Super Secret”
  • Main menu: Fixed an issue that allowed players to input a level number lower than 0
  • Level 9: A connectable object will no longer float in mid-air sometimes
  • Level 14: The moving platform will now return to the left side of the screen after hitting the wall on the right side
  • Level 22: Crushers will no longer get stuck in the ground sometimes
  • All levels: Using a hint while text is appearing will no longer cause text to overlap
  • All levels: You no longer need to stand still to connect or disconnect from objects
  • All levels: Attempting to restart in Hardcore Mode will now bring up a prompt, asking you to confirm the decision (this prevents accidental restarts)
  • Made some other minor tweaks and fixes

If anyone finds anything else, please let me know. Stay safe and take care!
– Dan

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